How to screenprint on fabric.

To screenprint on fabric Modatex water based ink is one of the most suitable ink for this purpose. It allows also to obtain a covering effect by using a thick layer of ink, but with a more thinner layer of ink it`s possible to obatin a fabric dye effect because it leave visibile the fabric texture.


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How to manage an old screen and use it again.

When a screen becomes really too old there are two things possible to do: manage the emulsion or the fabric of the screen. The emulsion becomes old after two thousand passes, when it`s too old it`s possible to remove it with the stripper, wash it away, let dry and then recoat with a new layer of emulsion. The fabric becomes old after twenty thousand passes, so when it gets too old the only solution possible is to remove it and stretch with a new fabric.


The alternative for engraving.

To engrave a screenprinting frame it`s important to have a bright light, that could be an halogen but also a UV light, that can replace the former light. There is also an alternative for the emulsion, because the QLT emulsion is able to engrave the screen under a cold light!


Paper and ink: some little problems.

Sometime silkprinting on paper could give some problems because of the quality of the paper. Just after having apply the ink on the frame it should be perfect and homogeneous but after drying it becomes irregular. The first reason is the quality of the paper, that could be too permeable so it`s important trying to find another kind of paper more “water proof” that blocs the ink going into the fibre. Another important factor that could improve the screenprinting process is the frame: using a frame with a texture less thick could be better.


Using a screenprinting spatula.

A screenprinting spatula is a tool suitable to spread the ink on the frame, is composed by an handle and the part to spread the ink. Even though this tool allow to spread a regular layer of ink, it`s hard to use it to spread a precise thickness of ink layer, there are too many factors that affect this action: the pressure and the speed of the screenprinter, the frame and the ink itself that dries and changes his thickness. So it`s better using something more technological.


Numbers to customize tshirts

Vinyl Jersey numbers allow every screenprinters to customize tshirt and sweatsuit. They are available in white, in different fonts, as single number or in a complete number serie from 0 to 9. To apply with heat press.


Let`s talk about light.

During the phase of spreading the emulsion on the frame it`s better using a yellow light to have a better visibility. To dry the emulsion is better leave the frame into the darkness. To develop the frame the right light is the same used to spread the emulsion. All the other phase don`t need specific lights, at least a strong light to make the emulsion harder.


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